Sundown Staffing, LLC


What we do.  How can we help you?

We are a Staffing and Direct Hire Placement Company.  We match the right job with the right applicant and get them together.  We also handle contract work for temporary or permanent placements as well. 

We tailor our pre-screenings for each individual Client.  We take the time to really understand what our Clients are looking for in an employee.  The helps all parties make the best choice for a long lasting relationship.  We have a vast applicant pool and have the ability to obtain candidates as needed.  Therefore we do not need to use typical "Headhunter" tactics.  This is what separates us from other companies.

We will also provide a guarantee on our placements, and we do not charge the regular rates that the other companies in the industry do.  There is never a fee to the applicant.

Give us a call and let us see how we may be able to help you fill your open positions now and in the future.